Antibiotics And Sinusitis

Pfizer has announced positive data for the utilization of its azithromycin drug, along with hydroxychloroquine, in a coronavirus (Covid-19) clinical trial performed in France. values were 1.14 ± 0.14 mcg/mL, 0.18 ± 0.02 mcg/mL, and 8.03 ±0.86 mcg∙hr/mL, respectively, in normal volunteers obtaining a 3-hour intravenous infusion of 500 mg azithromycin at a concentration of… Continue reading Antibiotics And Sinusitis

Antibiotics Flashcards

The duration of infection from symptom onset to recovery is approximately 10 days in non-severe cases . Viral peak appears in top of the respiratory system within the first week of symptom onset, and later in the lower respiratory tract in both asymptomatic and symptomatic infected individuals. Viral load clearance is faster in asymptomatic than… Continue reading Antibiotics Flashcards